Sad? Here’s The Existential Coloring Book!

An “Existential Terror and Breakfast” Companion:

Yesterday’s Existential Terror and Breakfast may have been a little…depressing.  Sure, overall it was counter to the tune of Malcolm’s depressive state, but Malcolm Steadman will dial a suicide hotline in 89 days. Is all of this Existentialism getting you down? It doesn’t have to! Introducing one of my favorite things ever: The Existential Coloring Book!

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Existential Terror and Breakfast: 6

Epiphanies taste better with toast.

To say that Malcolm Steadman was currently doing nothing would be erroneous. Yes, in the normal sense of the nomenclature Malcolm was doing “nothing”, but in fact Malcolm was always doing something. At the moment he was sitting, he was staring into space and he was letting his breakfast cereal get soggy. Malcolm was breathing, and each breath he took burned a minuscule amount of calories and replenished his body with precious oxygen. If you asked Malcolm what he did with his morning he might look embarrassed, and as he would avoid your eye contact he would shuffle his feet and moan the word “nothing”, but again, this was far from the truth.Continue reading →

Comic Easel Vs. Panel.

There are many tools on the internet that you can take advantage of if you wanted to publish a web comic. If you did not want to use the publishing sites Drunk Duck and Tapastic, and instead wanted a more versatile site that you can customize and make your own, both the WordPress plugin Comic Easel and the theme Panel can give you everything you need. But which one is better? Which one is more versatile?Continue reading →

Existential Terror and Breakfast: 5

Epiphanies taste better with toast.

He was just trying to find something whimsical. Honestly. Malcolm had no intention of triggering another philosophical anxiety attack. The existential terror he had been experiencing every week was wearing on him. For the record, he let most of these moments pass, and did not give it another thought until another one would occur. It was his subconscious, however, that was suffering. He was depressed now, and lacked energy to do the things that he had loved. He was not yet fully conscious of what was causing it, at least, not yet.Continue reading →