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Existential Terror and Breakfast

Epiphanies taste better with toast.

Malcolm Steadman will dial the suicide hotline in 90 days.

Enter Malcolm Steadman: an overly anxious and polite every-man plagued by existential epiphanies with increasing regularity. He will fight a losing battle against routine and boring days as he slowly, but effectively, goes mad. This serial concerns not with the exciting, life affirming moments of his life, but rather the tedious, boring moments that are interrupted by epiphanies both bleak and terrible without warning when he fails to busy himself. It concerns the moments that make breakfast too profound to eat.

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It’s real funny …that only an author who can write really funny, bleak things can truly kind of get. [source.]

I found this serial refreshingly different considering the irony in that a major enemy of the main character, Malcolm Steadman . . . is the mundane. [source.]
The story evokes a dual sense of schadenfreude and sympathy, the former of which kicks in the moment readers realize that Malcolm isn’t merely musing, but sprinting full tilt at the proverbial edge of self-termination. [source.]


The writing is so good that I STARTED WORKING OUT TO SPITE A FICTIONAL CHARACTER. [source.]

The archive for all of the entries can be found here.

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