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Why Charlie Brown is bald.

 The second page to my new series is up! Some of you have expressed confusion after reading the first one and let me reassure you that it will become clearer as it moves forward, it is indeed, a story, and not a stand alone strip like Mr. Square. If you were wondering why Charlie Brown had hair, he no longer does now. That is for a reason.

New Comic Series!


You have waited long enough, and lo, the radio silence is over. The website has been slightly updated with a sexier picture of me in the “about” section and my newest addition to the already poisoned pop culture: Kick The Football Chuck. This comic will be updated every Monday and has been unfairly unloaded upon me by the ghost of Charles Shultz. The details are horrible and lengthy, and seeing that I would rather keep your presence here than scare it away I will not be divulging this incident in it’s entirety. Mr. Square will not be updated as often as it has been, and instead will only appear on Fridays, they will, however, be in color. This is for the best, I assure you.

Beyond this new schedule, expect the occasional, and random, post of an article. Thank you to the few who stayed faithful in this transition.

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