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Memos from the Wasteland!

Book Cover: Memos from the Wasteland!

Want a post-apocalypse that is smart and funny? Want your Fallout mixed with your World War Z?

ICBMs outnumbered birds and mushroom clouds bloomed in every city. Now nothing is certain but atomic death and taxes. The IRS remains, safe in a government bunker. No one gave them the notice that they were obsolete.

Bleakly funny in all of the wrong places, Memos From The Wasteland contains five short stories from the United Wastes and is the official prequel to A Happy Bureaucracy. Letters, diaries, memos and office tiffs paint a bitter picture where bureaucracy still reigns.

Warning: contains "activities".

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Reviews:Lara Giesbers on Goodreads wrote:

"The only thing certain are death and taxes." This statement is brought to life as the IRS survives the nuclear holocaust. It's goal? to do its job and make sure the U.S. government keeps on ticking. M.P. Fitzgerald does another fine job of finding humor in a dark and cynical world.

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Rev. Fitz
M.P. Fitzgerald (Rev. Fitz) is an author, illustrator, and amateur Mad Scientist who lives in Seattle.

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