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Fear and Loathing in the Wasteland

It’s f#@!ng tax day in post-apocalyptic America!

Armed with red ink, and a suitcase full of only the most-high powered drugs, Arthur and Rabia return to the savage United Wastes. Their mission? Nothing less than taking down The Colonel’s slave operation.

But when they find themselves separated, Rabia uncovers an IRS plot to assassinate Arthur. She could reach him in time if she weren't bogged down with protecting a wasteland child on top of everything else. Arthur, of course, is just bogged down with himself. Like always.

M.P. Fitzgerald ups the ante on dark humor and page-turning adventure in this hilarious return to The Happy Bureaucracy series. Love, action, revenge, and irradiated SPAM. The duo has a full plate of fear and loathing in the wasteland to deal with.

Cover Artists:
Rev. Fitz
M.P. Fitzgerald (Rev. Fitz) is an author, illustrator, and amateur Mad Scientist who lives in Seattle.

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