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My name is M.P. Fitzgerald and I am an author and illustrator based out of Seattle dedicated to injecting Gonzo into fiction. I write stories across genres for misfits, weirdos, mad scientists, philosophers and pirates alike. If you have ever been halfway through a serious sci-fi or philosophical diatribe and thought, hey, this could use a lot more drugs and insanity in it, then my fiction is for you!

What is Gonzo?

Gonzo is a journalistic movement popularized by Hunter S. Thompson, but it has become so much more than that. In fiction, Gonzo is a stylistic form of narration that is as belligerent as it is profound. It is witty, intelligent, gritty, and wholly irresponsible. Whimsy is a weapon, let’s play with it with the safety off.

What have I written?

The post-apocalyptic parody, A Happy Bureaucracy, which has been likened to Mad Max meets Terry Gilliam’s Brazil. I have also written a contemporary dark humor serial titled Existential Terror and Breakfast, a satirical horoscope called The Nihilist’s Horoscope, and countless /nosleep horror stories…

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