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3 Webcomics you should read before they disappear.

An “Existential Terror and Breakfast” Companion:

In the last “Existential Terror and Breakfast” Malcolm’s toaster “breaks”. This triggered Malcolm into a hopeless spiral on entropy because his psyche is weak (and he is VERY melodramatic). The best source for entropy on the internet? Webcomics. The very nature of the medium requires the creator to put in a LOT of time to make it happen, and very few creators see a payoff. Most Webcomics are abandoned after only a few years. This can be due to a lot of factors (the creator could be burnt out, life got in the way.. etc…) but it is awfully common and saddening when you realize that these projects had a lot of heart and time put in to them. Webcomics are dreams that are often buried. A Webcomic you love may disappear only a year later with little trace. The most tragic of these: Double K.

Double K’s art was amazing, and its premise something that could ONLY exist on the internet. It imagined an EXTREMELY over the top anime as a cheesy buddy cop franchise. It gave me immense joy. There is now no trace of it on the internet save for echos of people talking about it. Every link is dead. Entropy won.

So, in light of the ever present beast that is entropy, here is 3 Webcomics that you need to read while they are still up on the internet. They could be gone tomorrow:

No. 1: Blank It.

Blank It’s premise was very simple: put a couple of characters onto a blank canvas world and see what happens. There is simply no amount of description beyond that about this Webcomic that would not sound like hyperbole and the babel of a stroke victim on spoiled cough syrup. It was amazing. It is more whimsical than Willy Wonka at a circus. There is a LOT of it too, as it started in 2008. Some years ago though, one of the creators had a child and he lost time to attend to it. A short revival began a couple years ago but their Patreon campaign did not get the sort of attention they were hoping for and it fell through. Right now there is no word that this comic is going to be finished or continued.

No. 2: Plan B.

Plan B is a wondrous comic following the life of a mad scientist who has fallen into obscurity after working on an alternative to the Manhattan Project (or “Plan B”) in the 40’s. Now old and misanthropic, the Mad Doctor is greeted by phantoms of his past who exist solely in his mind that push him to get his life back together. As the protagonist progresses his current life we are given glimmers of his former, a slow, but compelling puzzle that is laid out to us piece by piece. The art style is very original and the writing was exceptional and it was an excellent Webcomic… and then there was radio silence. The first “volume” of the comics was completed and the second had begun but no updates to it have been made in years. Here is hoping that they keep paying for their servers.

No. 3: Okay. So.

Okay. So. was a gag comic staring a man and his monkey.  The humor was whimsical, bizarre, and just lovely as hell. Like Double K, its website is down now, however it can still be enjoyed on DeviantArt.

The creators of these comics should not be scorned or looked down upon for moving on. Life gets in the way, collaborations fall apart, and free content rarely pays for server space. Entropy has not fully won on the above comics just yet, and maybe reader, if you give them a read and give the creators some input fresh air could be breathed into them. If not, they at least brought happiness while they were active.

Existential Terror and Breakfast” Updates every Wednesday, Its “Companion Piece” updates every Thursday.

Rev. Fitz
M.P. Fitzgerald (Rev. Fitz) is an author, illustrator, and amateur Mad Scientist who lives in Seattle.

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