The finale to “Kick The Football, Chuck”

The Finale to this terrible experiment is nearly here, children. On Monday, I will be posting the final comic to my Charlie Brown series on both my website, and at DeviantART simultaneously. To fully experience the finale, though, I fully advise that you check out here first as it will have bonus content and the “real” ending. For those of you who liked Mr. Square better, this is glorious news, as Mr. Square will go back to his three issues a week schedule, instead of the one large issue whenever-and-on-a-whim schedule. For those of you that liked “Kick the Football, Chuck” more than the drunken abstract doodle experience (this is SO gonna be the official name for Mr. Square moving forward!) rejoice that you never had to pay for it, and that it is forever free and viewable here on the internet. Or, failing that, rejoice that I have another project under the works that will see fruition in the foreseeable future.

Regarding the contest I had announced back in… October. OCTOBER. Huh. I have chosen three winners, I will announce them shortly, and I have procrastinated this long because I cannot afford three of my own t-shirts.

Rev. Fitz
Michael Fitzgerald (Rev. Fitz) is a writer, illustrator, and amateur Electrical Engineer who lives in Seattle.

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