The Real Malcolm Steadman.

With the first story arc to Existential Terror and Breakfast done I would like to take the time to talk about one of my favorite blogs on the internet. Out there in the grand ocean of personal blogs is one called “Philosophise Now”. One part philosophy and equal parts activism, Philosophise Now is written by a real life Malcolm Steadman. Instead of cowering in fear of the terrible epiphanies, however, this writer embraces what he has learned and unlike Malcolm, has a voracious need to consume the existential. Enter Carlos Serrano, and in his own words:

Hello, I am Carlos and I am an addict.

Image courtesy of Philosophise Now!

Carlos went down a philosophical rabbit hole, reading and purchasing every bit of information that could expand his worldview. Nothing can sate this man’s need for the truth and he vehemently believes that the world can be a better place if more people embraced philosophy.

With that said, his worldviews are constantly changing. His blog is like a raw nerve reaction to the content he is exposing himself to, and thus we get to see a philosopher in the making in real-time. Carlos is not one to shy at the idea that his views can be shattered and he embraces growth. While my character Malcolm is completely ruined by these kinds of things, Carlos becomes better for it.

If you have time check out his blog here:

I especially recommend his article Reality will beat your stupid post-truth, or will it?

Join me next week for a new issue of Mr. Square and for the first chapter of my second story arc for

You Kant have Breakfast

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