You Should Read Existential Comics. -

You Should Read Existential Comics.

An “Existential Terror and Breakfast” Companion:

Still need a philosophical fix after reading “Existential Terror and Breakfast“? Do you also need a web comic fix and can’t wait for the next Mr. Square? Want the two combined?! Of course you do, and I have you covered. Here is one of my  favorite philosophical web comics:

Existential Comics is one of my favorite things on the internet and it is sure to be one of yours too! It stars the many philosophers throughout history as they continue to try and make sense of a very ridiculous world. The humor is witty and sometimes absurd, and the artwork does very well to portray the personalities of each philosopher. Ever wanted to see Kafka at the DMV? That is a thing that totally happens. Ever wondered what would happen if Nietzsche was head of your HR department? Wonder no more!

Possibly my favorite aspect about the comic is watching the various philosophers fall into High School like “clicks”. The analytical philosophers worry about their “coolness” when confronted by the french philosophers and bullying ensues. Watching a philosopher bully another philosopher for being too nerdy is just the best, especially when they solve their differences with an “essay fight“.

The comic is also as informative as it is entertaining. If you didn’t get the joke, or are just unfamiliar with a certain philosopher the site provides you with the needed information by the form of a button at the end of each comic (titled “didn’t get the joke?”). The author also has a very well written essay on how to become an amateur philosopher yourself with an extensive list of resources.

Existential Comics is a rare thing to find on the internet. It combines both humor and important concepts to create content that is full of quality. Give it a look!


Existential Terror and Breakfast” Updates every Wednesday, Its “Companion Piece” updates every Thursday.
Rev. Fitz
M.P. Fitzgerald (Rev. Fitz) is an author, illustrator, and amateur Mad Scientist who lives in Seattle.

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