Mr. Square Tattoo!

Behold Children! The first known Mr. Square Tattoo! Normally I am hostile towards the Red-Coats and I still suspect the Queen of insurrection, but this tribute warms my heart. Big thumbs up for Chris Hoad!

Mr. Square/Electric Couple Cross Over

This update was a real treat for me children, as I have collaborated with one of my favorite artist Sergi Oca. He is responsible for some of the most original strips on the internet, and it should be considered a disservice to your eyes if you do not give him a look. This unholy alliance of ours has produced the above strip. When you are done reading it, and remembering it word for word, head off to Sergi’s DeviantArt page and give him a watch if you have a profile.

Mr. Square Comics

If you enjoy your comics to be poignant, well drawn, and with no spelling errors, this comic may not be for you. Mr. Square is absurd, nihilistic, irreverent, and often drawn “under the influence”. It often breaks the fourth wall, forgets to have a punchline, and is rarely consistent.

If these things sound awesome to you (because, you too are awesome), you can find them in the archive here.

Or you can read a few of my select favorites below!