Welcome to the new and improved! The old site had a good run, and did its job for almost 8 years, but it had its failings. I am now running the site with a better navigation for my comics, a more accessible archive, and a page dedicated to the awesome stuff that my fans have created!

Along with the new site comes an announcement for new content and a new update schedule. I will be posting my writings alongside my comics here starting with “Existential Terror and Breakfast”, a web fiction featuring the terrible epiphanies of a one Malcolm Steadman during the listless pauses of everyday life when he fails to busy himself. They will be short in content (about 700 words) so you can read them quickly and on the go. These will be posted every Wednesday starting this week!

For the Mr. Square fans I will be posting new comics once a week every Monday starting today with a new comic here.

Between these updates I will also be posting once a week every Thursday here on the blog. These posts will be related to my works, as well as other web comics and web fiction.

I also have a new Tumblr page!

Thank you all for your patience and your continued readership, I cannot have a better group of people coming to my website and I am grateful that you have all stuck it out with me this long. I am regretful and sorry that things have been neglected, but I am committed to bringing you the content that you deserve.

Rev. Fitz
Michael Fitzgerald (Rev. Fitz) is a writer, illustrator, and amateur Electrical Engineer who lives in Seattle.

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