New Fan Art!

Disclaimer: The following was not proof read, and may have been created outside of sobriety. The artist has little recollection of what this is about.

Garret Handley, who also suffers from Drunk Art Compulsion (D.A.C. can be found on page 363 in the D.S.M.) belligerently scribbled Mr. Square Meets Squid-Boy:

Holy god why?

This is troubling beyond anything I actively fear for a few reasons, but the major one is this: The compulsion to draw Mr. Square while inebriated beyond reason has spread to other people. God help us if others who suffer from D.A.C. see this.

Rev. Fitz
Michael Fitzgerald (Rev. Fitz) is a writer, illustrator, and amateur Electrical Engineer who lives in Seattle.


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