Moral Responsibility and No Free Will.

An “Existential Terror and Breakfast” Companion:

In yesterday’s entry of “Existential Terror and Breakfast” Malcolm starts to think about the notion that free will is an illusion and that he possibly has no agency. After he is done being melodramatic and being violent to an intimate puzzle, what is he to do? Does it matter what he does if he has no choice in it?

Does Malcolm have a moral responsibility (or any responsibility at all) without free will? ‘Trick Slattery often discusses this notion on his blog “Breaking the Free Will Delusion“. In it he posits that one can actually improve society and strive for the benefit of mankind by rejecting the idea of free will. Recently he wrote an article about the Practical Importance of the Free Will Debate where he rejects Compatibilism and states that it

“…leads to punitive assessments beyond mere utility, great inequality justifications, as well as justifications for hatred,  an unhealthy degree of self-blame, and many other negative traits that we have carried for far too long.”

He has also made an infograph on moral responsibility and the lack of free will which is the most accessible content I have found on the subject because moral responsibility and no free will is a complicated subject (like ALL of philosophy):

From "Breaking the Free Will Illusion"
From Breaking the Free Will Illusion

I hope it helps to clear some things up!

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