Posting schedule: Mr. Square updates a comic every Monday. Existential Terror and Breakfast a serialized fiction updates every Wednesday and its “companion” piece every Friday.

Kick the Football, Chuck, a web comic deconstructing the “Peanuts” comic strips with a Charlie Brown undergoing chemotherapy, is finished with 12 comics.

Michael Fitzgerald (Rev. Fitz) is a writer, illustrator, and amateur Electrical Engineer who lives in Seattle, this website hosts his writings and Web Comics.

“Frequently Asked Questions”:

So, what’s with the talking box?

Boxes exist on a 3d plane with 6 outward sides. Mr. Square is a 2d character.

No really, what’s with the talking box?

Rev. Fitz has not been able to stop drawing the doodle, and it has cropped up and manifested in drunken stupors. This site hosts these comics.

That was boring. What’s with the sheep?

He’s a character in the comic. There is evidence that he is crazy.

This is frustrating. WHAT IS HIS NAME?!

Who? Michael? We went over this.

Forget it.

I already have.

The site is called revfitz.com, does that mean that he is ordained?

Yes, Michael Fitzgerald is actually the Rev. Michael Fitzgerald. Michael does not belong to any sect and is non-practicing.

How can he be a Minister if he doesn’t believe in god?

Oh what, just because he is atheist means he can’t be blessed? That’s discrimination. You should be ashamed.

Yes, that’s exactly what it—

Ashamed. Really ashamed. You probably support Jim Crow laws too.