Mr. Square gets a dog.

The above post has nothing to do with me losing my own dog. Stop analyzing things. It’s a comic.

November Title Improv

When I referred to an update later “the next day” I did not take the inevitable diabetic coma I would fall into after the SHEER GLUTTONY this tradit...

Geust comic

Today’s Guest comic is by a one Ivan Nedeljkovic, who is, by far, one of my favorite artist. Expect another update later  the next  day.

My Apologies.

Good news children, your dark ages have ended. I am fully moved. Updates will resume as normal, and to make it up to you all, this week will all be in color. Re...

There will be delays.

I am currently relocating to a new apartment, and as such will have no access to internet during the transition. I apologize for this perceived slight against y...