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It’s the end of the world as you’ve never known it.

Join the Librarian as he does his best to make the post-apocalyptic world a better place by protecting the weak, fighting injustice, squaring off against a group of former renaissance fair workers who have established a kingdom in the Rocky Mountains, and so on. Can one man make a difference in the face of such murderous cannibals and super smart bears? Probably not.

★★★★★ Mad Max meets Monty Python ‘Absolutely hilarious! A great, weird, funny look at life in a Post-Apocalyptic world. Seriously. Why isn’t this a movie or TV series?’

★★★★★ Impossible to put down ‘Wonderfully funny and very addictive. Couldn’t put the book down until it was done

★★★★★ Shut your cakehole and eat your friends!

Disposable in her father’s eyes, Zera must undertake a mission to unlock a tower on the other side of their poisoned kingdom and collect two urgently needed energy cells.

Zera’s only value is that of a biological “key.” Until her father gives her a life or death deadline. She must return before her twenty-first birthday, or he’ll shut down life support to the lower levels of the city, threatening thousands, including friends she can’t bear to lose.

Readers of Ann Aguirre, Veronica Roth and Kass Morgan will love this tale.

★★★★★ OH MY GOSH! I sat riveted as I rapidly read this OUTSTANDING novel from an author that I never heard of before!! …I can’t wait to read the next book!

★★★★★ I liked the uniqueness of the storyline that had enough twists, turns and action to keep you on your toes reading it

★★★★★ This book is a fast-paced action adventure with a difficult, if not impossible mission.

Nukes Ended the world. Now all that’s left is taxes.

No big deal or anything.

Arthur thinks an abacus is art. Rabia carries enough drugs with her to make Hunter S. Thompson nervous. He wants to talk about your deductibles. She is behind you with a knife… They have a wasteland to audit, slaves to be freed, and mad post-apocalyptic warlords to topple. They have the equipment, and more than enough weapons, but can they work as a team to make it happen? In the face of radiation, roving gangs, and starvation, can anyone?

Brazil by way of Mad Max, M.P. Fitzgerald’s The Happy Bureaucracy Series is a bleak and hilarious look at the wheels of a system that keep turning even when nothing else is left.

What Amazon reviewers are saying:

★★★★★- ‘This is absolutely the funniest dystopian novel I have ever read.’

★★★★★- ‘A gonzo action-packed, dark-humored thrill ride that keeps you craving more madness after every page.’

★★★★★- ‘One part Fallout equal parts Mad Max and a pinch of Fear and Loathing with a lot of entertaining dark humor.’

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What Happened to Dead Philosophers in Heaven?

1.5.20 Update: As of right now it appears that Dead Philosophers in Heaven is back online. That said, the comics are not appearing and seem to be missing. I am still trying to contact the creators.

Dead Philosophers in Heaven: one of the wittiest, well-made comics on the internet… and it’s gone. As of right now, shows a blank page. It appears that the owners of the site, Matt and Nick, are no longer paying for their server. So, What happened to Dead Philosophers in Heaven?

I have a few theories.

When I talked to Matt Russell (the co-founder of the comic) a few years ago about webcomics, he mentioned his busy life. Back in 2017 (when they last updated) he was working on a doctorate on top of being a father. As for Nick Gibbs (the other co-founder), I believe that he had a residence at a UC. This may not be the most dramatic end to a comic, but it is likely that they are just too busy with their personal and work lives to work on a philosophy comic. It happens. And with things like COVID-19 ravaging the world, it is possible that two chaps in academia had to make a tough decision on what they pay for, and unfortunately, an irreverent webcomic staring Camus was probably bottom of the list. Matt does have a family to feed.

One of the few comics still circulating on Tumblr

This is a pretty common ending to webcomics. This very site used to be solely dedicated to comics for years, before I pivoted to post-apocalyptic parody novels. Being in the webcomic game since 2009, I’ve seen a lot of webcomics disappear without a trace. Especially gag comics, like Dead Philosophers in Heaven. From my own experience, burnout and writer’s block is very real. Coming up with new gags every week is not sustainable if you want any semblance of quality. Most webcomics cease getting updates, get a second (and shorter) wave of updates, and then fade into the ether as web registration expires.

I again, just want to be clear that this is all theory. I have not been able to get a hold of either as the emails I had for them were attached to their site, and are likely not working now. I have also tried their Facebook, but are still waiting to hear back.

Where can I find the Dead Philosophers in Heaven comics?

Right now the best resource I have found to read the comics is Wayback Machine, with the archive here. I do not know of any mirror site or any other place that they were submitting their comics. That said, occasionally I find their more popular comics on Tumblr, and Pinterest respectively. A quick search for “Dead Philosophers in Heaven” on either site will pull up a few.

My search for the comics, as well as a concrete answer for why this very beloved comic disappeared is ongoing. If you have any insight as to what happened to Dead Philosophers in Heaven, or know of a better archive for the comics, leave a comment for others and I will update this post accordingly.

Post-Apocalyptic Pirates!

Available on Amazon now!

Mother FUCKING Land Pirates. Land. Pirates.

With a clipboard and an iron will to burn everything in their path, Arthur and Rabia set out into the United Wastes once more. This time they have the entire U.S. Army and the IRS to topple if they want to end Boyd’s schemes to enslave the entire wasteland. No big deal.

With plans going astray, and “t”s failing to be crossed, the duo finds themselves at the steps of the highest octane lunacy in post-apocalyptic America: Land Pirates— a convoy of mutant cars and radiated swashbucklers just as likely to eat you as look at you. The good news? They hate the government more than even Boyd’s slaves. The bad? Arthur McDowell is the government.

Will the duo successfully make a deal with the devil and convince the fleet of Land Pirates to join their underground railroad, or will they find themselves on the menu? M.P. Fitzgerald’s savage sense of humor grips every adrenaline-filled page to this continuation of The Happy Bureacrcay series.


Fear and Loathing in the Wasteland

Available on Amazon now!

It’s mother-fucking tax day in post-apocalyptic America!

Armed with red ink, and a suitcase full of only the most high powered drugs, Arthur and Rabia return to the savage United Wastes. Their mission? Nothing less than taking down The Colonel’s slave operation.

But when they find themselves separated, Rabia uncovers an IRS plot to assassinate Arthur. She could reach him in time if she weren’t bogged down with protecting a wasteland child on top of everything else. Arthur, of course, is just bogged down with himself. Like always.

M.P. Fitzgerald ups the ante on dark humor and page-turning adventure in this hilarious return to The Happy Bureaucracy series. Love, action, revenge, and irradiated SPAM. The duo has a full plate of fear and loathing in the wasteland to deal with.

Get your copy today!

A lovely interview with Vitaly S. Alexius, creator of Romantically Apocalyptic!

With the launch of my own post-apocalyptic parody novel about the IRS surviving World War III, A Happy Bureaucracy, I was itching to talk to one of my biggest heroes in the genre. It is no exaggeration when I say that Romantically Apocalyptic opened my eyes to the possibilities of storytelling in mixed media. I only needed to see a single comic strip to be hooked to the often idiosyncratic, deeply intelligent, and belligerent whimsy of Zee Captain’s adventures.

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