Sheep, or cloud monster?Rev. Michael Fitzgerald is a spiritually responsible minister and kilt wearing nutter. He is a vessel for the Lord’s word AND HE WILL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT THE LORD SAYS THROUGH HIM. No matter how vulgar, inconsistent, or excessively violent and blasphemous those words may be. It is not his place to question the wisdom of a transcendental power when it screams “Christ is a potato, I AM MADE ENTIRELY OF LIGHT!” and demands that he relays this to the masses. It is for this reason that he has found refuge in a bunker below sea level. It is from this compound that Rev. Fitz belligerently scribbles out content for your amusement, but with little regard for your mental health and well being. These include:

Kick The Football Chuck: A comic which has been dictated to Michael by the Ghost of Charles Schulz for reasons that are yet unknown.

Mr. Square: of which is not proof read and may have been made outside of sobriety. Rev. Fitz has little recollection of what they are about. They are updated tuesday and thursday.


MORE New Fan Art! HOORAY!!!<--(the third exclamation point denotes excitement)

Joan Casey has been one of my first and longest running reader of my comics. Period. It is with honor that I now present her first (and hopefully not last) Mr. Square fan comic!

She can be found stalking the pages of DeviantArt and leaving the most brilliantly non-sequitur comments as Shelbytabbycat, and just generally being awesome.

Normal updates will resume in about two weeks.

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New Fan Art!

Garret Handley, who also suffers from Drunk Art Compulsion (D.A.C. can be found on page 363 in the D.S.M.) belligerently scribbled Mr. Square Meets Squid-Boy:

Holy god why?

This is troubling beyond anything I actively fear for a few reasons, but the major one is this: The compulsion to draw Mr. Square while inebriated beyond reason has spread to other people. God help us if others who suffer from D.A.C. see this.

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